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@ The Microsoft Store

BDPA Partnerships on PTTV

BDPA Members attend monthly workshops and mixers with participating BDPA Chapters co-hosted by The Microsoft Store. Discover more ...

The Microsoft Store

H.O.P.E. is Real!

Game-Changing Careers on PTTV

"I.T." is the largest "enabler" in the Washington metropolitan area. The H.O.P.E. Project is a unique technical career training program designed to prepare socially and economically disadvantaged young people for rewarding careers as help desk and application support professionals. Student members graduate with a toolbox of skills to successfully compete for entry level positions and new salaries as high as $40K per year. H.O.P.E. is Real!

TECH & Media EXPOs

Co-Hosted by DC for #BDPA15!

Since 1978, National BDPA (NBDPA) has partnered with industry and academia. NBDPA's Washington, D.C. Chapter will co-host next year's 40th Anniversary milestone events.


BDPA-DC Awards Gala

Reaching a 35-Year Milestone

The Reunion
BDPA-DC's 35th Anniversary Awards Gala captured interviews from distinguished High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumni, ICT industry pioneers and dignitaries shortly after presentation ceremonies at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard's Catering and Conference Center.

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HSCC, Arriving!

BDPA Launches Ensign Stevenson

HSCC Testimonial
Ensign Raven Stevenson, US Navy, salutes Gunnery Sergeant Ryan Claunch, US Marine Corps, during NROTC Commissioning ceremonies at Duke University, Friday, May 10, 2013. Ensign Stevenson is the first High School Computer Competition (HSCC) alumna from National BDPA to receive a Navy Commission. Follow our Social Media channels for related success stories and testimonials.
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About Us

Co-Founder's Interview on PTTV

Pilot Episode
Founded in 1975, National BDPA (NBDPA) has partnered with industry and academia to support technical workforce requirements. NBDPA's Washington, D.C. Chapter was founded in 1978 by Norman Mays. It was the third NBDPA Chapter to receive its charter to help locally bridge digital divides and broaden opportunities for underserved communities in IT and related technical fields of interest.

#TECHandMEDIA from Local Communities and Industry

Qeyno Labs: Changing the World One Hackathon at a Time! (USA Today) - Jessica Guynn from Qeyno Labs.

#MBKHack Oakland

OAKLAND, CA--At a weekend hackathon in Oakland, California, black and Latino students learned to code and develop apps. The goal, said organizer Kalimah Priforce (of Qeyno Labs), was to make sure the fast-growing tech economy becomes more inclusive.

Go behind the scenes at your next Hack-a-Thon with QEYNO. Discover more ...

The February 2015 edition of bdpatoday provides additional coverage of #MBKHack, #YesWeCode, and introduces new BDPA Members to BDPA@40 and #BDPAXL, a 40-year journey of technical achievements in local communities and this year's 40th Anniversary events in Washington.